Our philosophy

To nurture and organize a successful work, it is necessary to have a strong project and the correct instruments.
but the mind and hands are useless if they are not guided from the heart,
enthusiasm, and from the love to work.

Gruppo Angeli is composed of individuals with innovative ideas, ability and passion.
we are the ideal choice for your great projects.


Angeli Costruzioni is qualified in a whole range of activities
which includes all aspects of construction:


The company utilizes the technical experience of two generations in numerous sectors:
the construction and maintenance of fuel systems, roads and maintenance, urbanization,
general civil construction, industrial complexes, technical installations.

Angeli offers a solid presence in the Italian construction market, offering their work as
general contractor for large projects.
The company structure is made up of operational branches that allow Angeli Construzioni to
complete work quickly and on time, enabling them to meet the needs of the modern world.

Project management

Angeli Costruzioni offers the whole range of activities involved in a project, staying within the limits
defined by the client which usually consist of cost and time frames.
The objective “is using knowledge, attitude, techniques and
tools for each project in order to meet goals.”

Gestione del progetto

Areas of operation

Il know-how dell’azienda, acquisito nel tempo, permette di applicare con successo le conoscenze e le abilità operative
necessarie nella realizzazione di opere in tutti principali settori dell’edilizia:

01   Industrial buildings 12   Electro-mechanical plants
02   Civilian buildings 13   Pneumatic and burglar alarm system
03   Roads, highway 14   General construction work finishes
04   Aqueducts 15   General technical work finishes
05   Gas pipelines 16   Waste disposal and recovery plants
06   Oil pipelines 17   Demolition
07   Irrigation works 18   Environmetal and urban landscaping
08   Technoligical systems 19   Paving and special superstructures
09   Environmental recovery and protection plants 20   Heating and air-conditioning systems
10   Earth moving 21   Internal electric, telephone, radio and television systems
11   Water and sanitary systems
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